Machine factory on Funen offering CNC milling and CNC turning of aluminium and plastic


LV Teknik ApS is a machine factory based in Vissenbjerg on Funen that is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. Our machine factory offers everything conceivable in the areas of aluminium and plastic machining, and we are a strong and flexible cooperation partner. This makes LV Teknik ApS an obvious partner if you look for a subcontractor in serial production and precision machining.


Our work always follows the motto:

“Good Quality at a Low Price”

Serial production with an exclusive focus on aluminium and plastic machining

LV Teknik ApS has customers in both Denmark and abroad. Customers often opt for us as we exclusively focus on working with plastic and aluminium. This is a guarantee that your finished product will be 100 % free from particles of other metals.


We work as a subcontractor to a number of different industries, for example: Wind Power, Automotive, Offshore, Design, Interior, Packaging, Machinery, Fishing, Plastic, Food Products, Electronics, Signs, Furniture, Pharmaceutical and High-End.


Our machine factory is equipped with automated robotic cells that enable us to offer round-the-clock precision machining of aluminium and plastic. This allows us, in turn, to provide cheap serial production of high-volume orders with quick lead times. 

Our machine factory offers: