Serial production – professional aluminium production at a machine factory near Odense on Funen


Are you looking for a talented and competent cooperation partner who can take over the serial production of your aluminium workpieces? Is it of importance to you that this cooperation partner has many years of experience in aluminium production and has an exclusive focus on the manufacture of metal workpieces in aluminium? If the answer to the above questions is yes, we at the LV Teknik ApS machine factory in Vissenbjerg on Funen are the obvious choice for a cooperation partner for you and your company.


At LV Teknik ApS, we have an exclusive focus on serial production in aluminium and plastic and handle both large and small orders for customers in Denmark and abroad on a daily basis.

Advantages of serial and aluminium production at LV Teknik ApS

One of the absolutely major advantages of subcontracting your company's aluminium production to us is that the only metal we use in our production is aluminium. This is a guarantee of a finished product that is free of particles from other materials, something that can lead to surface defects in connection with anodising.


At the same time, this is a guarantee of a serial production that is fast, yet efficient and would therefore allow you to maintain the lowest prices on the market.


At LV Teknik ApS on Funen, we always keep up closely with the development and novelties in aluminium production, which is why we always offer you a sustainable contemporary solution.


We continuously modernise our machinery to ensure we can always provide our customers with serial production of a maximum efficiency. This also makes it possible for us to always maintain some of the lowest prices on the market.

Contact LV Teknik ApS about serial production and aluminium production

If you have general questions about our work with serial production or want us to prepare and send you a non-binding offer at a good price, you can contact us at LV Teknik ApS on Funen on the following number: +45 63 15 05 70, or using our contact form here.


You can also see pictures of some of the jobs we have done in the gallery here.

We offer serial and aluminium production to customers in both Denmark and abroad. Our customers in Denmark include companies from, e.g. Odense, Aarhus, Aalborg and Copenhagen