Chip removal – high speed machining and precision machining right outside Odense on Funen



If you need cheap, yet efficient and professional precision machining, the LV Teknik ApS machine factory in Vissenbjerg near Odense on Funen is the obvious cooperation partner for you.

LV Teknik ApS offers practically all types of precision machining services in aluminium and plastic as well as high-speed machining. Precision machining enables us to offer our customers very quick delivery times combined with top-notch surface quality of the workpieces.


We have precision machining customers from all over Denmark as well as abroad.

High-speed machining and precision machining of aluminium and plastic

At LV Teknik ApS' machine factory on Funen, we work exclusively with precision machining of aluminium and plastic. A thing of immense importance for us is to ensure that all of the workpieces we produce, whether in serial production or as prototypes, are manufactured with the highest quality, with nice surfaces and at the lowest price.


Our work with precision machining also comprises an important emphasis on continuous on-the-job training to ensure your product is always manufactured in accordance with the newest standards. We therefore always keep our precision machining software (Mastercam) up-to-date and are ready to design a tailored solution to your project.


Our precision machining department offers precision machining in the following areas: CNC turning, CNC milling, plastic machining, box building, aluminium machining, CNC machining, etc. etc.


Contact us about high-speed machining and precision machining

If you have any questions about our work with precision machining or high speed-machining, you can give us a call on the following number, +45 63 15 05 70, or write us an email here.


We are always at your service with our professional consulting and would gladly prepare and send you a non-binding offer with a good price. You can also see pictures of some of the many projects we have done in the past in our gallery here.

We have precision and high-speed machining customers in both Denmark and abroad. Our domestic customers usually hail from Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense and Copenhagen